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The 25 Trashiest Posts in Snapchat History

You know how some things just seem to go together, such as ketchup and french fries, peanut butter and jelly, or apples and oranges? Same goes for trashiness and snaps. For whatever reason, trashy posts on Snapchat tend to just feel more right than photos posted to any other social media forum such as Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps it’s the idea that snaps are designed to be much less permanent than other posts that accounts for the existence of some of the following trashy snaps. Of course any snap can become permanent with a simple screenshot. And what is the Internet for if it isn’t for screenshots of trashy snaps?


Things Attached to This Tagline Rarely End Well

The Devil’s In the Details

Do You Really Want to Know?

New Stepdad in 3… 2… 1

Blow It Up

… So Many Things That Aren’t That

Bringin’ Sexy Back

He won’t

Foiled By the Mirror Yet Again

The Pic That Launched 1,000 Therapy Sessions

Yes. Yes, Sir. You Did.

American Hero

“I Can Show You the World…”

Sometimes a Little Change Is a Good Thing

Hopefully His Elbow


… Somethin’ Just Ain’t Right About That…

Why, Tho?

Seriously, Don’t

Needs the Patch

We’ve All Had Those Nights

So Wrong It’s Almost Right

Some Things Should Stay Between a Guy and His Stick Figure

… Is That Your Final Answer?