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25 People Reveal Their Most Pathetic Masturbation Stories

It’s no secret people do some absolutely crazy sh*t to get off. Puberty is easily the worst time in your life sexually (unless you’re Anthony Kiedis), and the torturous pangs of a dissatisfied libido drive many to truly pathetic feats. From getting off right next to your parents (but not with them, obviously; that’s a matter for another list) to having intercourse with random […]

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The 7 Craziest Sexual Arousal Tests Ever Used

Recently, the Czech government started using “phallometric testing” to prove the credibility of gay asylum seekers in their country (aka “erection tests to see if people are really gay”) and human rights agencies around the world are currently up in arms over the issue. This controversy is nothing new, however, because sexual arousal tests have […]

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Actors’ Unbelievable Sex Scene Stories

Sex is a beautiful thing, but shooting sex scenes on film? That can get a little awkward and even celebrity sex scenes don’t always go as planned. Superman Henry Cavill has even admitted that something quite embarrassing popped up while he was shooting a sex scene, and that’s not even the most embarrassing movie sex scenes […]

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Famous Men Who Claim To Have Had Sex With The Most Women

There are a lot of perks to being a hot male celebrity: money, fame, and obviously all of the sex. There are famous men who slept with lots of women – and “lots” might be an understatement. Famous men who claim to sleep around are boasting some cosmically high figures, and you have to wonder if there’s a kernel of truth in some of these wild claims.   […]

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15 Hilarious Anti-Masturbation Ads

Keep it in your pants. No jerkin’ that gherkin’. You’ll go cross-eyed! There are so many admonitions out there against pleasuring yourself, you’d think the whole world had a serious problem refraining from a good fap at every turn. While it’s entirely possible that’s the case, there are also some people out there who just […]

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10 Weird Things That Can Mess Up Your Sex Life

As you probably know, there are a lot of ways you can screw up your sex life. Some are pretty obvious once they’re explained, but others can be pretty crazy. Here are ten of… well, you’ll just have to see. Not Having a Sense of Smell Scientists have found that smells plays an important role […]

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The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened During Sex

Sex is awesome. We’re not going to lie and say that it’s just okay. You could offer us all the money in the world to say that sex is mediocre and we’d throw it in your face. Sometimes, though, sex can go wrong, like, super crazy wrong. For whatever reason, the worst things tend to […]

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Sex-Ed Teachers Share The Most Embarrassing Questions Their Students Have Asked

When in middle school or high school, one of the most awkward experiences involves going through sexual education. But on the bright side, such awkwardness led to some of the best sex-ed questions that highlight the tall task of teaching aspects of sexual maturity to the least mature people on the planet. Students’ test answers speak to that immaturity, but […]

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The 9 Greatest Homemade Sex Toys for Men

Sometimes, the hand just doesn’t cut it. Women have a HUGE market for sex toys, but how many dudes do you know that proudly own a Fleshlight? With the high costs of sex toys for men and the high social stigma-factor of them, sometimes the best way to get something you want is to make it […]

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Sex Devices from Across the Ages

Human beings have been having sex for like,forever. In that time we’ve managed to start hundreds of wars, invent television, and suspenders have gone in and out of style more than once. While all of those things were happening, people were having sex. And when people weren’t having sex, they were masturbating, possibly with some […]