Sex Ed

25 People Reveal Their Most Pathetic Masturbation Stories

It’s no secret people do some absolutely crazy sh*t to get off. Puberty is easily the worst time in your life sexually (unless you’re Anthony Kiedis), and the torturous pangs of a dissatisfied libido drive many to truly pathetic feats. From getting off right next to your parents (but not with them, obviously; that’s a matter for another list) to having intercourse with random […]

Adult Humor

25+Times Adults Played with Toys and Things Got Dirty

There’s a reason why most people stop playing with toys when they become adults, and you’re about to see some perfectly good examples of why this is true. Below you will find photos of toys in dirty and incredibly funny positions. If you have children, you’ll want to cover their eyes or ask them to leave the […]

Funny Buzz

19 Completely Bizarre Nightclub Photos

When you get right down to it, typical nightclubs are chock-full of weird things. Nightclubs are basically dark, sweaty rooms filled with a bunch of completely wasted dudes who are trying their best to convince any intoxicated woman to dance with them. The girls want to dance alone and the guys at nightclubs usually end […]

Funny Buzz

22 Hilarious Caught Staring Pics

           Caught Redhead-Handed             Subtlety            The Lunch Menu at Hooters            Look When She Isn’t            Pretend That You Are Pondering            You’re a Perv, Harry       […]