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The Most Incredible Profile Pics from Russian Dating Sites

Are Russians looking for love very different from the millions of others out there doing the same thing? Well, judging by some of their profile photos, maybe. Lonely people all over the world have been known to go extreme lengths to find true love, but these incredible and funny Russian dating site profile pictures show […]

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13 Super Inappropriate Pictures Of People Posing Next To Graves

Few things are still sacred in this world, but graves and cemeteries should be on the list. Sure, it’s perfectly acceptable to show your respects to love ones you’ve lost anyway you like, but sexy poses aren’t the classiest way do that. Especially when you share those photos on social media for the whole world […]

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20 People Who Tried To Be Sexy And Failed Miserably

Seduction may be timeless, but it is most certainly not easy. In fact, attempts to be sexy often crash and burn before anyone could even consider being seduced. When posted on the Internet, purveyor of all things sexy, these failures are displayed for all to see and shudder, which is the case with these photos.   These are […]

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The 25 Trashiest Posts in Snapchat History

You know how some things just seem to go together, such as ketchup and french fries, peanut butter and jelly, or apples and oranges? Same goes for trashiness and snaps. For whatever reason, trashy posts on Snapchat tend to just feel more right than photos posted to any other social media forum such as Facebook […]

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30 Hilariously Bad WTF Tinder Profiles

Perhaps the existence of bad tinder profiles should come as no surprise, considering the whole idea is basically that of an online forum where you can find a quick hookup without ever leaving the comfort of your Lazy Boy. Unfortunately for humanity however, there seems to exist a whole other level of wtf tinder profiles that […]

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20 more Pictures of Cheaters Who Were Caught in the Act

If you’ve ever been involved in an affair, you know that cheating is not all it’s cracked up to be. Though it may seem like the best idea ever when you’re staring at that sexy guy or blatantly married lady after a few drinks at the bar, it’s good to remember that you’re probably going […]

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25 People Who Were Way Too Honest in Their Tinder Profiles

Though leaders in the field of morality have insisted for centuries that honesty is the best policy, it’s a safe bet that they may have thought twice if they’d had a chance to get a load of the following way-too-honest tinder profiles. When it comes to online dating, trolling for shameless hook-ups, or anything in […]

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20 + Girls Who Fished for Compliments Way Too Hard on Facebook

Pack your bags, because you’re about to go on a Facebook fishing trip. These are girls who clearly went fishing for compliments on Facebook with mixed results. These are status updates posted by extremely needy girls who just went really heavy on the bait, looking for some Facebook bites. Sure they’re kind of funny, but […]

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25+ Hilariously Weird Tinder Profiles You’d Swipe Right on for the Heck of It

There’s a fine line between cheeky and just plain weird Tinder profiles, but there are a handful of people on the dating app who have figured out exactly how to navigate it. Here you’ll meet a group of folks whose funny Tinder profiles might be a little on the quirky side, but who also bring […]