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20 Secret Penises Hidden in Tattoos

Yep, there’s something more horrifying than a misspelled tattoo. That’s right, ladies and gentleman, real people have actually received penis tattoos! Those are tattoos of penises, not tattoos on penises. In some cases the recipient clearly wanted a wiener or two subtly incorporated into a design, but in many, many instances, these folks went down […]

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20 Funny Do Not Disturb Signs You’d Happily Hang on Your Door

Do not disturb signs are supposed to be our sleep and sexy time protectors, but often they seem to be ignored. You’re at a hotel, trying to enjoy a proper night’s sleep or get your freak on, and the maid thinks to herself, “you know what, I better knock loudly ten times, just to make […]

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15 Mistakes Every Drunk Girl Has Made

Girls just wanna have fun! But sometimes we can get a little too crazy! We’ve all been there, calling our ex-boyfriends and posting boozed up selfies. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you just need to cut loose and you end up going a little too far. Of course you’re drinking responsibly and avoid all […]

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#AfterSexSelfies That Will Worry You About Today’s Youth

Why? That was the first question when we heard about #aftersexselfies. It turns out, they are just as horrifying as you might imagine! Sure, it’s great that you and your bae are basking in a post coital glow but do you really need to tell the whole Internet about it via Instagram and SnapChat? Do […]

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White Girl Wasted: New Year’s Eve Edition

When it comes to getting wasted on New Year’s Eve, there seems to be a nameless holiday spirit that can inspire even the most responsible of drinkers to rise to a whole new level of ambition. But where does that fine line lie between enthusiastic holiday revelry and the dreaded level of intoxication known as […]

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30 Optical Illusions That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Optical delusions are when your eye sees one thing in an image because it’s become accustomed to that kind of image in that context. In the cases of the following images, if you see the “dirty images” then you, unfortunately, have a dirty mind. If you see what’s really there, then you’re a healthy, good-hearted, […]

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The 25 Trashiest Posts in Snapchat History

You know how some things just seem to go together, such as ketchup and french fries, peanut butter and jelly, or apples and oranges? Same goes for trashiness and snaps. For whatever reason, trashy posts on Snapchat tend to just feel more right than photos posted to any other social media forum such as Facebook […]

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16 Awkward Strip Club Photos That’ll Make You Cringe

Like museums, strip clubs also ban flash photography, and for good reason. Every now and then, people manage to sneak snapshots inside a strip club, which then find their way onto the Internet, and the tragic results are below. The strip club photos here, like these strip clubs with funny names, probably don’t mean to […]

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25 Funny Unnecessarily Censored Photos

Censorship is like a total Internet buzzkill, man. It’s yet another example of the media “man” keeping us down as he continues to blur out pictures and put “censored” bars over the best parts of our favorite photos and videos. Then again, these unnecessarily censored photos prove that there’s some merit to making things a […]

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The 25 Dirtiest Santa Claus Photos Ever

There are some things that simply shouldn’t exist, and these dirty Santa photos are right near the top of the Christmas list. These funny Santa photos aren’t exactly representative of the reason for the season, but they definitely will bring you some holiday joy. Looking at these weird Santa pictures might put you on the […]